the WiSelist


The Problem:

It's no secret that women are under represented in security, foreign policy, international relations, and geopolitics. While there has been undeniable progress in recent years, we are still a long way from equitable representation-especially when it comes to women of color in senior positions. 

A quick look at any security-focused event in Washington, DC would show an encouraging number of young women committed to careers in foreign policy with an increasing number of senior women to serve as far off role models. But how do you get from "early career" to "seasoned powerhouse"? Even more acute is the treacherous journey from 20-something to mid-career professional.

If you can't make it half way up the mountain, how will you ever reach the summit?

Why it Matters: 

Research show companies with stronger equity metrics on boards and across the C-Suite are more resilient, nimble, and successful. Wouldn't it be nice if our foreign policy strategy could be described in the same way? Besides, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. We need the best and brightest working towards a more just, secure, and peaceful world- not just whoever was around. 

The Solution:

Enter, the WiSelist. A rather obvious abbreviation for Women In Security, the WiSelist is a free network with a simple mission- connect women in security with existing opportunities, events, jobs, internships, organizations, and one another.


In short, to BUILD as we CLIMB.


New to DC and not sure which think-tanks have the best events? Looking to connect with other women at the Hague? Need an expert for your panel, paper, or podcast on the South China Sea? Post it on the WiseList.

Membership is open to all women in related fields and any member can post, the only requirement being that posts be limited to topically relevant information. By serving as a free aggregator of existing resources, a network of women for guidance and support, and facilitator of pay-what-you-can media and personal branding workshops, the WiSelist takes some of the guess work out of connecting the dots.

The impact:

The WiSelist went live in February 2016. As of September 2016 it includes more than 300 women from 10+ countries, ranging from undergraduate students to Ambassadors and every step in between. 

In Fall/Winter 2016, the WiSelist will launch its second stage of expansion with contacts at over 20 undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs around the world.