Impression and Perception Management

Harnessing context and targeting message delivery to influence audiences and outcomes.

While content matters, so does context. Unicorn Strategies has an unparalleled diversity of experience in crafting the message and the messenger.

Whether its managing a campaign, an organizational brand, or crafting, focusing, and amplifying the voice of a senior leader, Unicorn Strategies maximizes impact by:

  • Defining Success

    • What is the goal, and what metrics will best measure the impact?

  • Identifying Stakeholders and Audience

    • Who is the message intended to reach, and who can help amplify the message and its impact?

  • Assessing the Landscape

    • Are there obstacles, risks, and opportunities to inform the action plan?

  • Planning the Attack

    • What steps are necessary to achieve success?

  • Adapting

    • The most important component of strategic and operational art?

What can Unicorn Strategies do for you?